Feedbacks & Review

We value honest and direct feedback.

We use 15five as continuous performance management tool whose mission is to create highly-engaged, high performing organizations by helping people become their best selves.

In short, it's a tool to seek and give feedback, share praises, check-in with your team, track your own progress, and organize 1-1s meeting.


15five is a suite of many different tools, to get started, we’ll make use of the following features:

Weekly check-in (15fives)

Every Friday, everyone of us is prompted (by slack or email as you prefer) to fill out a short check-in form called 15fives (it should take less than 15 minutes to fill-out and less than 5 minutes to read). You’ll be asked each week:

  • How you’re feeling (on a 1-5 scale) - we’ll all be able to follow the overall feeling of the team in a nice dashboard
  • What are your priorities for next week? - To prepare the week ahead and share your current priorities.
  • What went well this week ? - An optional question to share what you’re feeling good about or you accomplishments
  • What’s your biggest challenge right now? - An optional question that might help you getting help to unblock you
  • Group specific question - More on this later
  • A surprise question - Every few weeks, a new question to explore something new.

Who can view the weekly check-ins ? 15five allow us full flexibility (and transparency) in who can read you weekly check-ins. By default, only your reviewer can read the check-ins, but each group (more on that later) can decide to make the check-ins visible for everyone in the group, and it’s also possible to individually decide to share your check-ins with people outside your group or to request access to other’s check-ins.

High fives

We can give high-fives to colleagues (either publicly or privately) to acknowledge their accomplishment or share our gratitudes. We can do that either via the Slack integration or from within 15five.


15five as a nice interface to prepare 1-1s meeting, with the ability to flag elements from the weekly check-ins to follow-up on for example. The frequency of 1-1s and who is doing them with who is still decided within each team.


Everyone can request feedback from anyone on 15five.