Hiring your next colleagues

Hiring is everyone's job at Monito.

Our open letter to candidates

How we hire

We take deep care in searching, selecting and onboarding new addition to the team as we know it will impact greatly other team members’ work and Monito as a whole.

The fit with Monito is as important as the fit with the job description. We’re looking for people that recognizes themselves in our values, have empathy for our users’ needs, value the way we work and strive to see our vision realized.

When it comes to evaluating skills, and fit with a job description, experience, actions, good communication and solving practical challenges speak louder than diplomas & shiny titles.

Monito hire future team members, not individuals. EQ > IQ.

During the whole hiring process, we make sure to foster diversity and inclusion, going the extra mile if necessary.

It’s better to wait for the right candidate than having to turn back three weeks later.