How to take days off

How many days off can you take?

In addition to the 9 bank holidays from the Canton de Vaud, we are all entitled to 25 days of vacation per year.

Fathers get 10 additional days off in the year following the birth of their children.

Monito is open the whole year and there is no “shutdown” period where you’ll be forced take time off, although the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is usually the least busy period of the year at Monito and when most employees are out of the office.

How we keep track of days off - Absence.io

We use Absence.io, a handy tool to manage our days off. Every Monito employee has an account on Absence.io where you can add or update your days off and see how many days off you have left.

Days off best practices

We don't have a formal approval process for taking days off, but we ask everyone to follow the these best practices:

  • When possible, try to plan you days off ahead of time so that your team can organize around your availability
  • When possible, avoid taking days off if they clash with an important team or company event (offsite, hiring interview, team meeting) and always discuss with your team if they do.
  • Discuss with your team before planning days off for an entire week or more, we usually try to spread team members’ time off so that someone from the team is always available, to ensure continuity of service.
  • Try to spread your days off throughout the year and avoid taking more than ~3 consecutive weeks off.
If you want to take a day or less off during the week and want to compensate during the weekend, feel free to do so, but make sure you inform your team.