How we work

How we work

The core behaviors described below are, together with our values and guiding principles, the foundations of Monito's culture.

Culture is a group of people's repeated behaviours.

We’re independent.

Everyone has ownership of their work. We decentralize our decisions. We rally as a team when something goes up or down.

We’re interdisciplinary

We believe in the cross-pollination of ideas with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. You won’t be siloed in your department.

We strive for impact and excellence

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and raise our game. We believe in Pareto's Principle: 20% of the efforts yield 80% of the results. But we also recognize that there are times when we need to be outstanding.

We speak up and seek feedback

Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences and learnings. We value team feedback and we believe it improves our work.

We’re flexible

You know best when and where you’re at your best. We work and communicate around that.

We experiment, learn and repeat

A startup is unpredictable. Its future has yet to be defined. The correct answer is often: we need to test. And we need to test frequently.

We work asynchronously. We only have meetings when it adds real value

Time is precious. Interruptions are productivity killers. We work and communicate asynchronously and try to avoid useless distractions. Quick, ad-hoc meetings or short calls can cut short endless debates on Slack and boost creativity.

We’re human

We’re a team. We enjoy time off together. We grab short coffee breaks and crack jokes at the espresso machine.

Our expectations for one another

“A great workplace is stunning colleagues”

Monito has an ambitious vision requiring dedication, grit and creativity from every team member. We expect you to thrive for excellence, to care for our customers and for Monito’s success, and to take pride in your work & accomplishments. You can expect your colleagues to do the same and get inspired as much as you inspire them.

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