Meet the team

When you join Monito, you'll quickly get acquainted with the colleagues you'll be interacting on a daily basis.

But for you to get a 360Β° view of what's happening at Monito you'll also get to meet people outside of your team. On your first day, you'll receive a personalized list of the persons with whom we think you should schedule an informal 30-minutes-call in your first two weeks, but feel free to reach out to anyone else in the team you'd like to meet.

Donut anyone?

We also have a friendly bot on Slack (called donut 🍩) which will randomly pair you with 2 or 3 teammates each week to have a coffee together, virtually or at the office.

Teambuilding events

In addition to the spontaneous after-work beers and team-lunches, we have friendly team-building events every 2 months.

One time per year, we organize an epic offsite in the Swiss Alps.

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We're hiring! Have a look at our open positions if you'd like to join our team.