Relocation Package Policy

Our offices are in the centre of Lausanne, the smallest city in the world with a subway! Enjoy the Swiss quality of life in a vibrant city with many cultural and social activities. Also, Lake Geneva is just a short 10-minute walk from the office while the Alps are only an hour away.


We make moving to Lausanne easy

  • Reimbursement of your relocation costs of up to CHF 3,000 (see details below)
  • Support with administrative tasks and tips on how to find a place to live in Lausanne
  • Helpful colleagues to show you around the city and share their best places
  • You can work from your home country a few weeks per year to stay in touch with friends and family

Moving to a new city always entails some costs. Depending on how far you’re relocating from, Monito can reimburse some of your relocation expenses up to a certain amount, as determined by the grid below:

Relocation package details

-Within SwitzerlandFrom abroad
Single person

CHF 500

CHF 2'000


CHF 1'000

CHF 2'500

Couple with children

CHF 1'500

CHF 3'000

Please note that all amounts above are inclusive of VAT.

Here are the relocation expenses which Monito can reimburse:

  • Transportation costs from the place you are leaving to Lausanne: flight tickets or train tickets (Economy/2nd class), car travel (CHF 0.70 / km)
  • Moving expenses (moving company, truck rental, etc.)
  • Temporary housing in Lausanne (Hotel, Airbnb, temporary apartment)
  • Home finding costs (e.g. rental agent fees)
  • Any other relocation expenses approved in advance by Monito

In case of doubt regarding whether or not an upcoming relocation expense can be reimbursed by Monito, please reach out to us for clarifications beforehand.

Terms & Conditions

  • Monito can only reimburse extraordinary expenses directly related to the relocation. In particular, Monito cannot reimburse your regular living costs (rent, food, etc.).
  • You will need to provide Monito with valid receipts for all of your expenses in order to be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursed relocation expenses are subject to usual deductions for social security contributions and tax at source.
  • If you terminate your employment agreement with Monito:
    1. no further relocation expenses shall be reimbursed by Monito, and
    2. relocation expenses which have already been reimbursed to you by Monito (“Reimbursed Relocation Expenses”) will have to be paid back to Monito as follows:

Reimbursement in case you leave Monito

Duration of employmentAmount to be paid back to Monito
Up to 3 months inclusive

100% of Reimbursed Relocation Expenses

Up to 12 months inclusive

50% of Reimbursed Relocation Expenses

More than 12 months


Please note that Monito may recover the amount to be paid back to it by deducting the relevant amount from your salary.